Uniqopter - an honest eVTOL program

After 9 months of hard work, I am presenting the Uniqopter project.  Uniqopter was conceived as a hybrid eVTOL aircraft targeted for air ambulance operations.  As a mission targeted vehicle, it was intended to have a number of specific medical features currently not available in air ambulance helicopters.

Our program is completely transparent, both financially and technically, in our attempt to bring forth an Open Source Hardware aircraft enterprise.   It is our intent to share our blueprints, procedures, policies, business plan, and more, while maintaining partner, supplier, and employee confidentiality. 

In the name of open source we would be honest about all aspects of the program. We would make no optimistic projections, we would seek to exploit no markets that do not currently exist, we would not plan to set up our own operations company to place orders for the product.
Vehicle technical information, parameters, characteristics, business case, and market analysis are available at: https://uniqopter.com
I thank the companies and individuals who assisted with the requirements for the aircraft and helped with technical and organizational issues.
My business partners Richard Abbott and Taras Lyssenko.
Air Ambulance operators:
CareFlight - Jim Swartz
Ornge - Inna Kravitz, Peter Cunnington
Airlift Northwest - Jonas Landstrom
UC Health Air Care & Mobile Care - Ruda Jenkins
Duke Life Flight - René Borghese
AirMedic - Jean-Michel Dumont
AAMS - Cameron Unz Curtis,
George Mason University - Lance Sherry
University of Bar Ilan - Malachi Noked
Florida Institute of Technology - Chris Fernando
EMS solutions provider: Ferno-Aviation - Joe Bourgraf, Bob Chinn, Mike Williams
Open Source Hardware:
CERN - Myriam Ayass
OSHWA - Alicia Gibb
Legal - Michael WeinbergAaron Williamson
Google - Aaron Cunningham,
Body and fairing shape - Norman Wijker
Avionics: Avidyne - Ed Paulsen
Sustainability: Vṛtta Green Solutions - Swaroop Bylahally,
Business case review: Michael Barsky
Engineering review: Graham Bigland
Corporate law: Dominique Pion
Accounting: Harry Wallach,
Canadian and US Army and Air Force: Many brilliant people at Canadian and US Army and Airforce who must remain anonymous due to the confidentiality


Eugene Pik, CEO


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